Akasha Akasha Akasha Akasha
€ 18,00
Wire necklaces

This necklace features a dainty, natural gemstone threaded on a wire, with a Stainless Steel chain.

Available in color options, this necklace is ideal for layering & makes the perfect gift!

Each stone is unique and beautiful just like nature itself.

Like people, each stone has unique characteristics, and in that lies the beauty.

Please allow for subtle size and color differences as each stone is unique.

The necklace is made with positive energy. Each crystal is cleaned before shipment.


❤️Rose quartz Rose quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love.

It's said to boost feelings of self-love and foster loving relationships with others.

Smoky quartz is considered a grounding stone and may help you feel rooted to planet Earth.

It's believed to be mood-lifting and is used for protection.


💜Amethyst Amethysts are reported to open a person's third eye.

The third eye is considered to be a source of power and wisdom.

Crystal practitioners believe a person can use amethysts to enhance or sharpen spiritual visions and enlightenment.

It is also believed that amethyst gives you better concentration and calms the heart when it is stressed.


💚 Aventurin is a powerful stone that promotes emotional healing in the heart chakra.

It encourages prosperity, leadership, compassion, and perseverance.

Its gentle energy soothes negative emotions, nurtures action and leadership, and helps release self-doubts and over-analysis.


☆☆☆ Stones have a polished finish.


☆ INSTRUCTIONS  pay attention to the tips.

Tips to make your jewelry last:

1-Contact with water chemicals and perfumes should be avoided for longer use.

2-Do not swim or shower wearing your jewelry.

3-Never use abrasive products to clean your jewelry.



Akasha (skrt. आकाश ākāśa, von kash „leuchten, strahlen, glänzen, sichtbar sein“) bedeutet nach alter indischer Anschauung soviel wie Himmel, Äther oder Raum.

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