Clip on Butterfly Earrings

Clip on Butterfly Earrings Clip on Butterfly Earrings
Clip on Butterfly Earrings
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Clip on Butterfly Earrings

The earring converter is made of copper with silver or gold plated, fine workmanship, the surface is smooth, and the color isn't easy to fade.

The cushion Made of high-quality silicone, is soft and comfortable, keeps your ears away from pain, and makes the clips on the earrings more comfortable so as not to hurt your ears.

Butterfly clip-on earrings are a perfectly fun accessory to any outfit. These make great gifts and party favors! 



Because butterflies undergo a miraculous metamorphosis, they are symbols of transformation, change, rebirth, and even resurrection.

If a butterfly appears in your life, it can be a sign to break free of the limitations that are holding you back from being the divinely beautiful being you were meant to be.

It is also a symbol of creation [Bronach].(From Old Irish brónach; surface analysis bròn (“grief, sadness, sorrow, mourning, affliction)


Old Irish saying "Butterflies are souls of the dead waiting to pass through Purgatory"


In ancient Greece, Aristotle gave the butterfly the name Psyche. Psyche is the Greek word for soul and the name of a Greek Goddess.

The Goddess Psyche was a mortal woman of great beauty who attracted the attention and wrath of Aphrodite.

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