Dill Blossom

Dill Blossom Dill Blossom Dill Blossom
Dill Blossom
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The pressed real Yellow Dill flower earrings are handmade.


Due to the nature of handmade real Flower earrings, each pair may vary slightly but the overall design will remain the same.


The hooks are out of stainless steel.

The dangles of the earrings are made of dried Dill flowers cast in resin, which are lightweight.


Dill attracts abundance and dispels negative energies, It is particularly useful in keeping the heart and mind balanced and in the moment.

The flower offers protection, brings happiness and wealth, and engenders passion.

It will also keep evil witches away.


In ancient Greeks and Romans, they thought dill could heal wounded soldiers and would grant them valor and courage.

In the Middle Ages, its powerful aroma was thought to offer protection from witchcraft and so it was hung around homes.

Ironically, magicians also used dill in their spells and potions.

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