Marble Soul Ring

Marble Soul Ring Marble Soul Ring
Marble Soul Ring
€ 25,00
Marble Ring

Please take note of the following information when purchasing our super colorful rings with polymer clay inlays:


Each ring is unique in its color mix due to being handcrafted.

The base of the rings is made of stainless steel (nickel-free).

However, since the inlays are handmade, they may have some imperfections in their shapes, which make them unique accessories just for you.


Please ensure that you select the correct ring size as these rings are tunics, and once purchased, they cannot be refunded.

The ring is available in black or silver stainless steel.


You can choose a color mix for your ring, but if you do not specify, we will send you a random color-mixed ring!


!!!Please write in the notice field at the checkout the ring name and preferred colors.!!!!!


 Please keep in mind that these rings are made of stainless steel and polymer clay, which means they are less water-resistant than rings made of resin, stone, or precious metals.

Therefore, it is advisable to handle them with care.


The product colors can slightly differ from the image as every screen is different I hope this information helps you in making your decision.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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