Peony Earrings

Peony Earrings Peony Earrings Peony Earrings
Peony Earrings
€ 10,00
Peonie Earrings

Unique handmade earrings are perfect if you are looking for a pair that looks great with an elegant dress, an office style, or a casual outfit.

Peony flowers out of resin and stainless steel backs.


The peony is not just a beautiful flower that lasts long, it also holds significant meaning.

It is often associated with healing, love, honor, happiness, wealth, romance, and beauty.

Traditionally, it is given on special occasions as a gesture of goodwill, best wishes,  and joy.



Handle them with care, do not twist or bend them.

Store them in a clean and dry place not directly on the sun.

Do not expose them to any chemicals, perfumes, or hairspray, and do not wear them in water (shower, swimming).

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