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1970's Vintage Pendant Watch Necklace with Glass Stones


Discover the allure of bygone eras with this exquisite pendant, featuring the clockwork of a genuine 1970s petite watch.

Each necklace is a unique masterpiece, with radiant glass stones thoughtfully set within the clockwork and sealed with a protective layer of resin, ensuring their perpetual brilliance.


The stainless steel casing of the original petite watch remains intact, with its authentic serial number still visible, a testament to its storied past and individuality.

Every pendant watch has been meticulously disassembled, cleaned to restore its vintage charm, and reassembled with the utmost care, merging the elegance of yesteryears with today's artistry.

The Old Irish believed, "Timepieces are whispers from the past, guiding us through the corridors of time."

In ancient Greece, watches were seen as symbols of the fleeting nature of life.


The addition of the glass stones further elevates this pendant, making it not just a timepiece, but a narrative of time itself.

Wear this unique necklace as a tribute to the timeless dance of moments and memories, and let it remind you of the beauty that lies in every tick of time.


I only create unique clock necklaces, so once they are sold, I won't be able to recreate them exactly.

You will receive the exact product that is shown in the picture.

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