Venus Earrings

Venus Earrings Venus Earrings Venus Earrings
Venus Earrings
€ 20,00

These earrings are handmade with love and care out of wood and epoxy resin.

The hooks outer layer is of silver and the inner core is out of steel.


To get the longest life out of them, please handle them with care.

Unnecessary rough handling can result in them cracking/splitting along the grain.

Wood is also vulnerable to the elements (fire, liquids, etc.), please keep them dry and in a safe place.



**Please remember that with solid wood, the color tones and grain patterns will vary slightly from piece to piece as every tree is different**




What is Venus in astrology for spirituality?

Ultimately Venus will guide us to enrich our inner lives and seek spiritual connection

so that a deeper inner peace and happiness may be attained and relationships may be enjoyed to the fullness of their potential.

Relationships are indeed a demonstration of how we can be the best of who we are with Venus's guidance.


What are the powers of Venus in mythology?

Venus is a Roman goddess associated with love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity, and victory.

She possesses many powers, which are common in Greco-Roman mythology.

Some of her abilities include immortality, shapeshifting, divine beauty, the ability to change the course of a battle, and the power to transfigure humans.

Her domain is vast and encompasses love, beauty, and everything in between.

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