Pinguin Studs

Pinguin Studs Pinguin Studs Pinguin Studs
Pinguin Studs
€ 10,00
Only 4 available

These cute stud earrings feature tiny penguins made of acrylic and resin,

with 304 stainless steel flats.


The penguins are adorned with hearts, making them even more adorable!

Penguins are known for being friendly, community-oriented, and determined.

They are also innovative and persistent, overcoming many obstacles in their harsh environments.

These unique creatures can swim through icy waters and walk long distances across frozen landscapes.


The penguin symbolizes various qualities such as adaptability, spirituality, close-knit families, and dual natures.



Handle them with care, do not twist or bend them.

Store them in a clean and dry place not directly on the sun.

Do not expose them to any chemicals, perfumes, or hairspray, and do not wear them in water (shower, swimming).

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