Rosy Acrylic-Resin Rings

Rosy Acrylic-Resin Rings
€ 7,50
Only 4 available

Handmade Retro accessories: The Acrylic resin rings adopt the retro style, wide shape, and harmonious color matching.

Sizes:      The diameter of the rings is about 0.6 inches

                Germany: about 54 but it can open to a maximum of 56

                French: about 14 but it can open to a maximum of 16,   

                which is suitable for most people's fingers.


The ring will/ can slowly become bigger while wearing it.

The rings have been carefully polished and processed during production, with a smooth surface. It is very convenient to wear, small and light, and will not add burden to your fingers.

The acrylic resin is very uv resistant but it still can become a little cloudy if it is in the light for a long time.


Note - The color displayed may vary slightly depending on your screen

Take the first step to a more colorful life with a funny ring.

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