Moth Earrings

Moth Earrings Moth Earrings Moth Earrings Moth Earrings
Moth Earrings
€ 13,50
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Moth earrings

Ball studs in 304 stainless steel.  costume jewelry Moths in gold and silver out of stainless steel.

♥ I hand-make each piece with love and care.


Moths and butterflies have roots in ancient mythology and tradition.

The Greeks originally depicted the soul or spirit as a stick figure with wings. The butterfly/moth as a symbol of spirit and its potential for transformation originated from that source.

Moths are not a bad omen.

While society has taught us to believe that moths are scary creatures who bring signs of negative future events, they are actually bringing you a message: change is coming.

Moths are commonly associated with a few central themes: change, transformation, endings, death, and even the mystery of the night. As Dawn Baumann Brunke, author of the book Animal Teachings, tells mbg, "Most moths navigate by moonlight and are at home in the dark

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